The Anomaly of Entrapment

Now in our second decade after 9/11, we are firmly in the prevention era of law enforcement. Faced with the unacceptable consequences of identifying threats too late, government agents are moving aggressively to identify potential terrorists before they strike. Undercover agents and confidential informants necessarily play a large role in such efforts. As a resultContinue reading “The Anomaly of Entrapment”

Damages for Indirect Patent Infringement

In many patent infringement cases, the only practical way that the plaintiff can obtain relief is on a theory of secondary liability, which is generally referred to as indirect infringement. The remedy in patent cases frequently includes damages for past infringement. Because jury verdicts in patent cases can amount to hundreds of millions of dollars,Continue reading “Damages for Indirect Patent Infringement”

The Conventional Option

The filibuster in the United States Senate effectively imposes a supermajority vote requirement to pass any legislation. Both supporters and critics of the filibuster agree that any filibuster reform would require extraordinary measures. In contrast to this consensus, this Article describes a method we call the “conventional option,” which allows the filibuster to be reformedContinue reading “The Conventional Option”

Formalizing Gratuitous And Contractual Transfers: A Situational Theory

By tradition, gifts, wills, and contracts are formalized according to protocols established within each legal category. This Article examines the policies that underlie these “formalizing rules” and concludes that the utility of those rules depends fundamentally on the background conditions under which a gift, will, or contract occurs. Those background conditions, rather than the categoryContinue reading “Formalizing Gratuitous And Contractual Transfers: A Situational Theory”