General Requirements

Membership in the Washington University Law Review is limited to second- and third-year law students. The only way to obtain membership is to participate in the Write-On Competition, which is open to all transfer and first-year Washington University Law School students. Members are selected based on their legal writing and editing skills. The Law Review selects roughly fifty editors each year.

Editors invited to join the Law Review join as Staff Editors. Throughout their first year on the Law Review, Staff Editors are responsible for editing legal scholarship selected for publication. These edits involve conducting substantive edits, proofreading text above-the-line and below-the-line, and checking Bluebook citations. Staff Editors are also responsible for composing a note of publishable quality on a topic of their choice, which may be published in the Law Review. In their second year, Editors can maintain the same editing responsibilities as Senior Editors, or can apply to serve on the Law Review’s Executive Board.

Write-On Competition

To be considered for membership on the Law Review, first-year students must participate in the Spring Write-On Competition, which takes place at the end of their 1L year. Transfer students and LLM students can participate in the Transfer Write-On Competition, which occurs in the August following their 1L year.

The Write-On Competition consists of two parts. The first part is a technical editing exercise that tests students’ ability to apply standard rules of grammar and Bluebook rules in editing an excerpt of an unpublished piece of writing. The second part, or the case comment portion of the competition, requires students to describe and analyze a specified case.

In advance of the competition, the Law Review hosts a general information session in early April. Attendance at this event is mandatory for those students interested in participating. The Law Review strongly encourages students to participate in the competition.