Effective Hourly Rates of Contingency-Fee Lawyers: Competing Data and Non-Competitive Fees

Over the past forty years, the scope of liability assessed under the aegis of the tort system has greatly expanded. This expansion has not been a function of increasing rates of injury in society. Rather, it has been driven by the substantially increasing yield from contingent fees realized by plaintiff lawyers. Since 1960, the effective hourly rates of tort lawyers have increased 1000% to 1400% (in inflation-adjusted dollars) while the…

Have License, Will Travel: An Analysis of the New ABA Multijurisdictional Practice Rules

Cynthia L. Fountaine
Multijurisdictional practice (“MJP”)—that is, law practice in a host state by an out-of-state lawyer who is licensed in a different home state—raises two primary issues: (1) is the out-of-state lawyer violating the host state’s unauthorized practice of law (“UPL”) regulations; and (2) if the lawyer is permitted to practice in the host state, what ethical rules must the lawyer follow while carrying out the work in the host state? These…