Introduction: The Implication of the Private Securities Reform Act

Richard H. Walker
I’ll offer my observations about key activities at both the federal and state levels in the wake of the Reform Act. I’ll conclude by offering my opinion about whether, on the current record, the case for preemption has been made.

Enter Yossarian: How to Resolve the Procedural Catch-22 That the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act Creates

Janet E. Moser and Elliott J. Weiss
Section II of this Article sets forth our understanding of what the Reform Act requires a plaintiff to set forth in a complaint to state a valid claim that a corporation has made false or misleading public statements in violation of section 10(b) and Rule 10(b)(5). Section III describes our case study of GTF. Section IV analyzes the options a court would face in a case similar to the “quasi-hypothetical”…

Securities Litigation in State Courts—Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed

Douglas M. Branson
Using an old marital saying to title this Article may mislead. In particular, owing to federal legislative attempts to preempt state securities law actions, all may not be, or remain, bliss in the state courts.

Heightened Pleading and Discovery Stays: An Analysis of the Effect of the PSLRA’s Internal-Information Standard on ’33 and ’34 Act Claims

Hillary A. Sale
This Article presents a new model for analyzing securities-fraud claims.