Losing It In California: Conservatorship and the Social Organization of Aging

Lawrence M. Friedman and June O. Starr

About Outing: Public Discourse, Private Lives

Katheleen Guzman
As Part II discusses, societal, personal, political, and legal double-binds plague homosexuality: Lesbians and gay men might be persecuted, but they do not deserve legal protection; they may be criminals, but their crimes often go unpunished; they merit no “special benefits,” for they are just like everyone else; they suffer extra burdens, because “they are not like everyone else.” Outing reveals these tensions created by life and law. Part III…

Foxes and Hen Houses?: Personal Trading by Mutual Fund Managers

Edward B. Rock
In this Article, I examine the regulation of personal trading by money managers as a vehicle for better understanding the bases and strategies for regulating money managers in general.


Peter K. Rofes
Make no mistake about it: Grades are a big deal in law school. A very big deal. Viewed from the perspective of students, just about every aspect of the law school experience-from job prospects to whether vending machines in the student lounge return the appropriate change-is affected by grades. In this respect, the law school represents a genuine meritocracy. Top grades earn students positions on the law review, invitations from…