“Brown v. Board of Education was the Beginning”: The School Desegregation Cases in the United States Supreme Court: 1954-1979

Philip B. Kurland and Sarah N. Welling
A retrospective look at the Supreme Court’s efforts in the field of school desegregation may at least reveal something about how the Court works and about the limitations of the judicial process.

Commentary—The Desegregation Dilemma: A Vote for Voluntarism

Frank I. Goodman and Larry E. Ribstein
I wish to add my thoughts on what the Court should have done-and yet should do-to resolve the painful dilemmas posed by the desegregation issue.

Commentary—Public School Desegregation

Joseph J. Janatka and Wade H. McCree Jr.
It seems to me that academicians and judges perform quite different roles that are complementary to one another and are significant in the development of the law.

Commentary—Disenchantment with the “Egalitarian Revolution”

William A. Kohlburn and Kenneth S. Tollett
When I heard the discussion this morning, what came to mind is the problem in law of the different levels on which one has to operate in trying to address or deal with this problem.

Panel Discussion

Frank I. Goodman, Karen J. Kramer, Philip B. Kurland, Wade H. McCree Jr. and Kenneth S. Tollett

Illicit Legislative Motivation As a Sufficient Condition for Unconstitutionality Under the Establishment Clause—A Case for Consideration: The Utah Firing Squad

James B. Behrens and Martin R. Gardner
This Article tests the thesis that the religious motivation of legislators, apart from the religious effects of their legislation, is sometimes a legally and philosophically sufficient basis for striking down legislation under the establishment clause.

A “Standing” Amendment to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure

Daniel O. Bernstine and Laura A. Mellas
This Article examines the constitutional and prudential policies underlying the standing requirement, and concludes that a federal court may render a valid judgment when the defendant fails to raise the standing issue prior to judgment.

Indemnification of Directors in a Federal Chartering System