Legal Advertising and Warranty Liability: “Let the Lawyer Beware”

Gerald E. Rosen and Marc I. Steinberg
This article will examine the realistic possibility of expanded lawyer liability by juxtaposing upon the clearly commercial flavor of legal advertising, the growing trend expanding warranty application under Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code by use of analogy.

Time-Oriented Models and the Legal Process: Reducing Delay and Forecasting the Future

Thomas W. Merrill, Stuart S. Nagel and Marian Neef
This article describes a series of models for analyzing the legal process that emphasize either time-saving or the prediction of future events from past events.

Antitrust Standing: Congress Responds to Illinois Brick

Richard A. Epstein and Morris B. Hoffman
This Article will assess the impact of S. 1874 in light of the history and development of standing notions in antitrust law.
Recent Development

New Copyright Act and the Classroom Use of Videotaped Films

Robert C. Ellickson and Francis M. Nevins Jr.

Standing for Public and Quasi-Public Interest Tax Litigants

Eric L. Goldberg and Margaret Jane Radin

Student Loan Bankruptcies

Mala Gusman Birdwell and Charles K. Rowley

Round Table Discussion

Thomas W. Merrill

Reputation and Character in Defamation Actions

Charles W. Ehrhardt
This Article will focus on a number of evidentiary issues relating to the plaintiff’s reputation and character which arise in light of Gertz and Dun & Bradstreet. Although a public-issue plaintiff must show actual injury, there has been little attention given to modem evidentiary techniques available to either party to accurately show whether any injury occurred. In addition to discussing these methods, this Article recommends the use of public opinion…

Women Judges and Merit Selection Under the Missouri Plan

Karen Tokarz
The use of nonpartisan, merit judicial selection raises many public policy concerns: the effect of the procedure on the quality of judges ultimately chosen, the appropriate balance of public, professional, and government involvement in the process, the proper role of politics in judicial selection, and the influence of the selection and retention method on judicial decision-making. This Article addresses one additional facet of that debate: the impact of the Missouri…

The ERISA Trustee: Saying “No” to a Tender Offer

Randy L. Gegelman