A Legislative Proposal for Improving Materials Policymaking: Impacts and Issues

Vary T. Coates, Charles M. Lamb, Karen L. Larson and Fred B. Wood
The materials data, forecasting, and analysis system is very important to the future materials policies of this country. Adequate, timely, and reliable data, forecasts, and analyses are not sufficient for effective policy to solve complicated national materials problems, but they are necessary for improving the public policymaking process. Under a contract from Congress’ Office of Technology Assessment, the present authors reviewed the existing repositories of materials information and the possibilities…

The Right to Disagree: Judges, Juries, and the Administration of Criminal Justice in Maryland

Ursula Bentele and Gary J. Jacobsohn
It is now generally believed that justice will best be served if juries decide only questions of fact, leaving judges as the final arbiters of matters of law. In Maryland and Indiana, however, juries retain constitutional authority to act as judges of law as well as of fact. This Article will examine this once common but now nearly extinct practice, and explore the desirability of its retention. The focus is…