Metropolitan Desegregation in the Wake of Milliken—On Losing Big Battles and Winning Small Wars: The View Largely from Within

Griffin Bell and Robert Allen Sedler
This Article presents, first, a discussion of the character of the problem of metropolitan desegregation and why urban and suburban school district lines must be crossed for there to be meaningful desegregation of many urban school districts. Second is a presentation of the legal posture and societal setting in which the question of metropolitan desegregation arises. Third is an examination of the Milliken litigation in terms of the cases leading…

Enforcing the Fourth Amendment: The Exclusionary Rule and Its Alternatives

William Geller and Patrick J. Kelley
The exclusionary rule compels the suppression, in federal and state criminal prosecutions, of evidence seized by police in violation of the Fourth Amendment. Although the Supreme Court has thus far merely whittled away at the suppression doctrine, the Court may soon decide to abandon the doctrine entirely. Because such a decision could have a profound effect on criminal justice systems in America, a comprehensive review of the arguments advanced on…