Statutes of Limitations in the Era of Compensation Systems: Workmen’s Compensation Limitations Provisions for Accidental Injury Claims

Patrick J. Kelley
This Article will examine the claim limitations provisions in state workmen’s compensation statutes to determine (1) whether the traditional purposes of limitations provisions are consistent with the basic purposes of workmen’s compensation legislation, (2) what practical problems have arisen in the application of different limitations provisions, and (3) which of the limitations provisions is preferable. The examination analyzes limitations provisions for accidental injury claims.

How to Win a Merger Case in the Supreme Court

Scott E. Bohon and John A. Humbach
For over twenty years, antitrust lawyers who defend corporate mergers have been searching for a practical answer to the question “How can a merger case be won in the Supreme Court under section 7 of the Clayton Act?” Happily, the first successful object lessons in this field have finally been provided in two recent United States Supreme Court decisions, United States v. General Dynamics Corp., which sustained General Dynamics acquisition…