Parental Preferences and Selective Abortion: A Commentary on Roe v. Wade, Doe v. Bolton, and the Shape of Things to Come

Richard Delgado and Judith Droz Keyes
One question not addressed by the Supreme Court in Roe or its companion case, Doe v. Bolton, is whether there are other maternal interests or detriments; nor did the Court consider whether, if there are additional interests, they would prove sufficiently compelling to override countervailing state interests. In particular, the Court did not consider whether a decision to abort based on advance knowledge of certain characteristics of the fetus would…

The Federal Income Tax Effects of the Missouri Version of the Uniform Divorce Act

Alan Gunn and F. Hodge O'Neal
The marital property provisions of the new Missouri divorce law render the tax treatment of property transfers and alimony payments unclear. As to property transfers, the problem is that the new law appears to give the wife an interest in property that previously would have been regarded as belonging to the husband. Since this is so, it is possible to argue that a “transfer” of appreciated property to the wife…
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Fourth Amendment—Illegal Seizure of Derivative Contraband Bars Forfeiture

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Shareholder Litigation

Michael Chertoff and Roderick M. Hills