Black Americans and the Burger Court: Implications for the Political System

Lucius J. Barker and Robert S. Catz
In recent years there has been considerable commentary on the posture of the Burger Court toward black Americans and civil rights interests. During the Warren Court era, the Supreme Court was generally pictured as supporting these interests. Under Chief Justice Burger, however, this image of the Court seems to be fading; President Nixon’s 1968 campaign pledge to reverse the decisional tendencies of the Warren Court by appointing “strict constructionists” appears…

A Married Woman’s Surname: Is Custom Law?

Tersh Boasberg, Julia C. Lamber and Jacqueline Covey Leifer
Although I first examine the history of surnames, the focus of this Article is an inquiry into two questions which the courts must resolve: First, under the common law can women retain their pre-marriage names during marriage; and secondly, if not, is the imposition of the husband’s name on his wife constitutional?

Financial Screening in Criminal Cases—Impractical and Irrelevant

Edgar S. Cahn and William H. Fortune
This Article questions courts’ inquiry into a defendant’s financial situation in determining whether he is may have counsel provided for him without cost.

Judicial Intervention in Trials

Richard B. Cappalli
Book Review

Review of “Foundations of Jurisprudence,” By Jerome Hall

Edward N. Beiser and Beverly A. Patterson
Book Review

Review of “Justice Is the Crime,” By Lewis R. Katz, Lawrence B. Litwin, and Richard H. Bamberger

Virginia Lee Hensley, Jonathan L. Migdol and Robert Michael Stephen Sheahen