Dedication to Hiram H. Lesar

Barry S. Roberts and William S. Stewart

Future Interests and the Myth of the Simple Will: An Approach to Estate Planning—Part One

David M. Becker and Glenn W. McGee
In reality, the simple estate planning situation is probably nonexistent. The simple will—a document which might contain several uncomplicated provisions—should evolve only after the not-so-obvious has been considered and mastered. This is no easy matter. The purpose of this Article is twofold. First, it attempts to develop and illustrate the nature and importance of the problems which make up this aspect of estate planning. Second, it suggests an approach to…

Is the Sociopath Treatable? The Contribution of Psychiatry to a Legal Dilemma

Philipp E. Bornstein, John J. Flynn and William R. LeVine
This study endeavors to present for the judge, lawyer, legislator and doctor a relevant review of studies of treatment techniques to ascertain whether scientific and medical knowledge can provide treatment which will fulfill the mandate of the judicially created right to treatment. The study is particularly oriented toward reaching an interdisciplinary definition of “adequate treatment” and discusses the necessity for proper methodological procedures in relevant mental health research.

Mandamus in Missouri: Old Standards and New Developments

Robert G. Foster and Earl A. Jinkinson

Quo Warranto in Missouri

Thomas A. Piraino Jr.

Third Party Liability for Withholding Taxes: Section 3505

David B. Goldston, Earl W. Kintner and Christopher Smith