Symposium Introduction: One Hundred Years of the Fourteenth Amendment—Its Implications for the Future

William H. Rehnquist

Not One Law at Rome and Another at Athens: The Fourteenth Amendment in Nationwide Application

Kenneth L. Karst and F. Hodge O'Neal
This Symposium Article highlights some of the differences in the application of the Fourteenth Amendment in school desegration cases, particularly the differences between cases arising from the North and South of the United States.

The Privileges or Immunities Clause: “Its Hour Come Round at Last”?

Edward T. Foote and Philip B. Kurland
This Article analyzes the privileges or immunities clause in the Fourteenth Amendment and proposes that it will one day become the focus of the debate surrounding constitutional jurisprudence, as opposed to the equal protection and due process clauses, which recently have domingated that discussion.

The Original Understanding of “Equal Protection of the Laws”

John P. Frank, Robert F. Munro and David B. Weaver
This Article reports on the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth amendments and their legislative evolutions, and also looks at the historical environment in which the equal protection clause was developed, in order to gain an understanding of how that clause was originally read.

An Evaluation of Past and Current Legal Approaches to Vindication of the Fourteenth Amendment’s Guarantee of Equal Educational Opportunity

Robert L. Carter and Philip B. Kurland
Due to the correlation between education and democratic institutions, the right to equal educational opportunities is, in truth, “a fundamental political right, because preservative of all rights.” Yet, it is distressingly evident that the nation’s public school system is not providing a large percentage of blacks with even rudimentary skills in reading, writing and arithmetic. Many persons in the black community view the public school failure to provide its youth…

The Writ of Prohibition in Missouri

Stephen W. Gard