The Criminal Responsibility of the Juvenile Murderer

Martin A. Frey
Juvenile courts—special courts having jurisdiction over juvenile offenders—were created which professed as their objective an intense desire to consider the child’s welfare and provide for his redemption rather than punishment for his misconduct? Behind this apparent unity of purpose, contrary positions exist. The juvenile court jurisdiction may or may not affect incapacity. If it does, the effect is to change the common law age for complete incapacity and those ages…

Cars, Creditors, and the Code: The Diverse Interpretations of Section 9-310

Arthur G. Murphey Jr.
This is a brief survey of statutory interpretation. It is a study of what courts have done in the past, on the theory that this may offer suggestions to courts faced with a similar problem in the future. It is limited to one particular priority conflict—that between a lender with a perfected security interest in an automobile and a repairman with a lien for work he has done on that…