Introduction: Symposium on Air Pollution

The Editors
In this student-written Symposium on Air Pollution the Law Quarterly attempts to analyze generally the problems of governmental regulation of air pollution at all levels. For those unfamiliar with the technical aspects of air pollution, the symposium begins with a very basic consideration of the nature, sources and causes of contamination and possible abatement techniques. Successive notes discuss existing and proposed legislation and the effectiveness, appropriateness, and limitations of regulatory…

Air Pollution: Causes, Sources and Abatement


Achieving Air Quality Goals at Minimum Cost

Robert E. Kohn
In this Article, Robert E. Kohn presents a minimum cost method of achieving air quality goals—that is, the economic criteria for pollution reduction, given a permissible level of emissions. Through the use of a simplified model, Kohn explains the operation of a much more complex approach to air quality control developed through research conducted under grants from the Public Health Service of the United States Department of Health, Education and…