Tyrell Williams Memorial Lecture

The Practice of Justice

Harry W. Jones
The Tyrrell Williams Memorial Lectureship was established in the School of Law of Washington University by alumni of the school in 1949, to honor the memory of a well-loved alumnus and faculty member whose connection with and service to the school extended over the period 1898-1947. This eighteenth annual lecture was delivered March 9, 1966.

The Expungement of Adjudication Records of Juvenile and Adult Offenders: A Problem of Status

Aidan R. Gough
This Article will attempt to survey the need for legislation allowing the expungement of an adjudication record of a juvenile or a conviction record of an adult first offender. It will attempt to examine existing and proposed statutes on both adult and juvenile court levels, and to make some evaluation of their effectiveness. It is the writer’s view that providing institutional means of restoring status after reformation is an appropriate…