New Towns Development

Wyndham Thomas
As an English observer of the American urban scene, I welcome the appearance of a symposium concerning the problems of new towns development. The symposium properly draws on both the English and French experiences to indicate problems which must be resolved in an effective American new towns program. Although the legal and administrative structure for the building of these new communities is treated elsewhere in this symposium, a brief discussion…

Le Mirail, A New Quarter for the City of Toulouse

Shadrach Woods

Some Policy Considerations in the Drafting of New Towns Legislation

Daniel R. Mandelker
As American policy-makers set the stage for a program of new town development, public attention has largely been directed toward two important elements of that program: the nature of the new town communities we plan to build and the conditions under which federal aid will be extended for their assistance. To the extent that new town development will be carried on by public agencies, the content of the state enabling…

The Roles of Planner and Developer in the New Community

Marshall Kaplan