Prosecutor Dominance of the Warrant Decision: A Study of Current Practices

Frank William Miller and Lawrence P. Tiffany
This Article is a by-product of the authors’ participation in the analysis phase of the American Bar Foundation’s Survey of the Administration of Criminal Justice in the United States. The ABF study, underwritten by a Ford Foundation grant, is concerned primarily with isolating and identifying the critical problems in current criminal justice administration. The complete study, to be published soon, is based upon detailed observation of the actual practices of…

Business Records as Evidence in Missouri

T.E. Lauer

Recent Trends in Highway Condemnation Law

Orrin L. Helstad
Extensive post-war road building programs have led to a great deal of judicial and legislative activity in the field of condemnation law, but the attorney or highway administrator confronted with day to day problems probably seldom has the opportunity to look beyond the law of his own state or in any event beyond the law pertaining to the specific problem with which he is confronted. It is the objective of…

Liability of a Testing Company to Third Parties