Chinese Control Yuan: An Independent Supervisory Organ of the State

Herbert H. P. Ma
The purpose of this Article is to introduce Western readers to the Control Yuan of the Republic of China. Although similar in purpose to the Ombudsman, the Control Yuan is a unique supervisory organ with roots in modern Chinese constitutional theory and in the traditional Chinese censorial administrative system.

Peculiar Mode of Expression: Judge Doe’s Use of the Distinction Between Law and Fact

John Phillip Reid
Although Chief Justice Doe probably never constructed a system of general principles on the higher levels of jurisprudence, there have been very few judges who have had a firmer grasp on the workings of the common law or have known better how to manipulate its doctrines and rules. He had an intuition for developing its strengths and seizing upon its weaknesses; to make those challenging his views debate issues along…

Constitutionality of Furnishing Publicly Financed Transportation to Private and Parochial School Students in Missouri

Gerald Tockman
It is the purpose of this article to set forth those matters which are relevant to consideration of the constitutional question involved in connection with furnishing publicly-financed transportation to private and parochial school students in order to delineate that area of controversy with which any intelligible opinion on this question must deal. The objective of this article is to present an unbiased analysis of the legal factors involved, giving neither…

Effects of the New Illinois Criminal Code on Prosecutions for Inchoate Crimes