Introduction: Land Use Planning

The contributors to this Symposium have examined various aspects of land use planning and have each leveled criticisms. It is the function of this Symposium to focus the interest of the legal profession upon some problem areas in land use planning.

Social and Physical Planning for the Elimination of Urban Poverty

Herbert J. Gans
The provision of public facilities is also a traditional planning emphasis, dating back to the days when the planner was an ally of the reformers who were fighting for the establishment of these facilities. Out of this has come the belief that public facilities are crucial agencies in people’s lives, that up-to-date facilities and programs will encourage intensive use of them and that this in turn will help significantly in…

Programs and Problems of City Planning in the Soviet Union

Zigurds L. Zile
This Article traces the forty-five year history of city planning in the Soviet Union. It describes and interprets the landmark events and the periods of progress which have alternated with periods of stagnation and retreat. The focus is on the principal normative acts and the agencies charged with their execution.

Delegation of Power and Function in Zoning Administration

Daniel R. Mandelker
This Article began as an investigation of delegation of power doctrine as it has been applied to the standards used in zoning ordinances. In the face of the decreasing importance of delegation problems, this constitutional prohibition is invoked more than occasionally to invalidate zoning ordinances which either lack standards, or which contain inadequate standards. Enough cases raising the delegation issue continue to be decided to present a prima facie case…