International Law and the Control of Revolutionary Activities by Political Refugees Under American Law

Manuel R. García-Mora
The unprecedented exodus of political refugees from countries dominated by tyrannical regimes has posed the interesting and vital problem of controlling their activities in countries of asylum. While the right of a State to grant asylum to those fleeing from persecution and oppression is unquestioned, the further question is immediately presented as to how to prevent these persons from engaging in activities designed to undermine the political institutions of their…

Problems of Procedural Regularity in Labor Arbitration

Robben Wright Fleming
This Article concerns difficult questions on which arbitrators themselves hold widely varying opinions. Such questions involve problems of fair procedure, without which industrial arbitration cannot hope to achieve stature and respect, and problems of industrial relations policy. The degree to which they should concern themselves with “good” industrial relations policy is debatable, both among arbitrators and the parties. After a brief introduction, this Article turns to a more careful examination…