The History of the Contempt Power

Ronald Goldfarb
The American ideology is one based upon recognition of the rights and liberties of the individual. This concept was ensured by the architects of our government when they created this republic, one in which all men are, at least philosophically, sovereign, while government is but the vehicle of their sovereignty. The manifestation of this dream was encouraged by bitter memories of monarchial experience-the hope for individual liberation. How can it…

“Income in Respect of a Decedent” and Sales Transactions

Donald H. Gordon

Marital Rights Under the Missouri Probate Code of 1955

David Y. Campbell
Missouri law dealing with property rights of one spouse in the estate of the other has undergone marked changes as a result of the enactment of the Probate Code of 1955. This Article does not purport to be a treatise on the law of marital rights, but rather, its purpose is simply to outline and discuss questions concerning the application of the new code which are likely to arise in…

A Trend Toward Coalescence of Trespass and Nuisance: Remedy for Invasion of Particulates