Tyrell Williams Memorial Lecture

Continuing Education of the Complete Lawyer

Harrison Tweed
There is no termination date for continuing education. To resort to the old cliche: Education is a journey, not a destination. Very clearly, in the case of the legal profession, it should continue to the grave or at least to that illusory date of retirement which some regard as a delightful dream and others as a dreadful nightmare.4 There are three somewhat different forms of education for which opportunities should…

Uniform Principal and Income Act, Section 5: Constitutionality of Its Retroactive Application

Lawrence P. King
The allocation of stock dividends received by a trustee to either income or corpus has been a recurring problem perplexing the courts for many years. The competing principles, designated as the Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Kentucky rules have each gained judicial recognition, but not all problems created by the declaration of stock dividends have been solved.