Methods of Accounting: Their Role in the Federal Income Tax Law

J. Glenn Hahn

Current Developments Under the Robinson-Patman Act

Joseph E. Sheehy
Text of remarks presented by Mr. Sheehy to the Round Table on Trade Regulation at the 1959 annual meeting of the Association of American Law Schools, held at St. Louis, Missouri, December 29, 1959: The matter of area price discrimination is one which is receiving increasing attention and one on which there is relatively little case law. This despite the fact it unquestionably was one of the major targets of…

Observations on the Law of Implied Warranty of Quality in Missouri: 1960

Edmond R. Anderson Jr.
Recent cases indicate a strengthened and extended law of implied warranty of quality in Missouri. Two of these cases deserve close consideration: Ross v. Philip Moris Co., 164 F. Supp. 683 (W.D. Mo. 1958), modified, No. 9494, W.D. Mo., Oct. 22, 1959; Midwest Game Co. v. M.F.A. Milling Co., 320 S.W. 2d 547 (Mo. 1959).

Removal of Intoxicated Drivers from Missouri Roads: A Suggested Approach