Admissibility in Federal Court of Evidence Illegally Seized by State Officers

Alan C. Kohn
The purpose of this Article is to examine the problem of use in federal court of evidence illegally seized by state officers, first, by considering the historic basis and past judicial treatment of the problem, and, second, by considering how this “open question” should ultimately be decided by the Supreme Court.

Increasing Scope of Search Incidental to Arrest

H. Frank Way Jr.
One of the major problems in the law of search and seizure today is the increasing scope of search incidental to arrest. This problem is intimately connected with the decline in the use of warrants by law enforcement officers. In part this decline can be attributed to the vast urbanization and industrialization which has occurred in the United States in the last seventy-five years. Searches and seizures by warrants are…

Contributory Negligence of a Minor As a Matter of Law in Missouri

James W. Starnes
With respect to the degree of care which must be exercised by a child, for purposes of determining whether lie is guilty of negligence or contributory negligence, the general rule is stated that he must conform to that standard of conduct to be expected of a child of similar age, experience and intelligence. While it may be said that the courts of Missouri are generally in accord with this rule,…

Concealment of an Informant’s Identity—A Governmental Privilege