Tyrell Williams Memorial Lecture

The Means and the End

William O. Douglas
The theory that the end justifies the means is an old one in the police state. It often lies hidden in ponderous law books or in obscure decisions. Frequently, however, it breaks through into news that all can understand.

The Right of Confrontation

Robert B. McKay
It has long been clear that the first amendment admonition that “Congress shall make no law . . .” involves something less than a categorical negative; similarly, the test of whether particular prohibitions of the Bill of Rights are also limitations upon the states has all the vagueness of the due process clause of the fourteenth amendment and none of the specificity of the particularized guarantees of the Bill of…

Tort Liability of Store Manager to Business Invitees of the Corporate Employer

S. Sheldon Weinhaus
The purpose of this Article is to consider the basis by which vicarious liability may extend to the manager. As will be indicated, there are two bases for the liability of the corporation: one is as the ultimate master, the other as possessor and occupier of land. Do the same bases apply to the manager?

Insurance: Applicability of the Missouri Suicide Statute to Accident Policies and Double Indemnity Provisions of Life Insurance Policies