Tyrell Williams Memorial Lecture

Law and Lawyers in a Divided World

Robert G. Storey
Most people, including historians, are concerned almost exclusively with the forms and institutions of government and only incidentally with legal systems. Abrupt and radical changes in political power make headlines in the press. Professor Whitney R. Harris aptly described the condition when he said: “Legal systems by contrast are drab and technical, and when changes occur they are seldom recognized as having great significance.” Political systems rise and fall according…

Administrative Procedure in the Bureau of Land Management

Robert W. Swenson
Sweeping demands for reform in the procedure of federal agencies have characterized recent developments in administrative law. In 1955 it was the Hoover Commission and Task Force Reports on Legal Services and Procedures.” This was followed by intensive activity in the American Bar Association, culminating in its proposed Administrative Practice Act, administrative code and other bills now before Congress. If these measures become law, federal administrative law will undergo considerable…