Protection of the National Security and Preservation of Basic American Rights: Comments on the Report of the Commission on Government Security

Samuel H. Liberman
On June 21, 1957 the Commission on Government Security, established by joint resolution of the Senate and House of Representatives,” filed its report with the President and the Congress. Legislation to implement the recommendations contained in the report was introduced both in the House of Representatives and the Senate sometime after the report was filed, but because other important controversial matters were then pending and because adjournment was imminent, no…

Constitutional Limitations on the Power of the Missouri Legislature to Provide for Venue in Criminal Cases

Frank William Miller
The purpose of this study is to define the right to trial in the county where the crime was committed, and, more significantly, to determine the precise extent to which the constitutional provisions which grant that right operate as a limitation on the legislative power to provide for venue in certain kinds of cases which present unusual practical difficulties. It is analytically convenient—and, I believe, factually accurate—to establish three mutually…