A Primer of Absolute Liability

Frank William Miller
This Article’s purpose is threefold: (1) to provide a basis for judging the significance of fault in the law of torts; (2) to enable the lawyer better to evaluate proposals to expand, contract, or otherwise change the rules in tort cases; (3) to point out recent trends toward an expansion of liability without fault.

Law, Organization, and Politics in the International Community

Ronald J. Yalem
There has not been any wide agreement by scholars on a scheme of methodology to delineate the scope and methods of international relations. This is an important reason why the study of international relations is yet an immature discipline, and is naturally an object of attack from the other more well-established social science disciplines. It should be emphasized, however, that this new field of study is still in its infancy;…
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Proceedings of the Fourth National Conference of Law Reviews

Milton D. Green
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Responsibility of Lawyers on the Dilemma of Security and Liberty

Richard R. Powell
This conference paper discusses the balance between liberty and security, the threats to both values, and the consequences for liberty when taking measures to ensure security. In particular, focus is given to the contexts of religion, government, and economics.