Tyrell Williams Memorial Lecture

Legal Education—Some Compliments Due It

Wesley A. Sturges
The truth is that the vigor of our professional self-criticism has served as a forceful factor in the development of current professional legal education; it has been one of the most significant factors in furthering the pursuit by the law-teaching profession for truth and realism. This trait or devotion to criticism has served as a continuing vitality for the examination and re-examination of the validity of our contribution to the…

The Juvenile Court Concept in Missouri: Its Historical Development—The Need for New Legislation

Noah Weinstein
The present method of treatment of neglected and delinquent children by the juvenile court in Missouri is a dual heritage from their treatment under the criminal law and in the courts of equity as it has evolved during the last century and a third. This mixed ancestry may underlie some of the problems that have arisen to impede the proper development of the juvenile court.