Demonstrative Evidence and Expert Opinion

Mason Ladd
Demonstrative evidence has become the fashion of today in the trial of cases. The subject has reached epidemic proportions, and modern trials include this magic method of persuasion as one of the best gadgets yet devised to obtain jury verdicts and to aid the court in understanding the full meaning of factual and scientific evidence. The emphasis upon demonstrative evidence is a part of the times even though it has…

The Settlement Requirement in General Assistance

Daniel R. Mandelker
Settlement, a statutory residence period which usually must be coupled with an intent to make the locality in question a home, is ordinarily a prerequisite to the receipt of general assistance. The first part of this article traced the history and development of this requirement and outlined the law applicable to the acquisition of a settlement. In the remaining portion attention will be directed to the limitations on the acquisition…

Some Questions About Labor Arbitration

Pierre R. Loiseaux
One of the most important effects of the NLRA as amended by the LMRA is the growth of voluntary arbitration. Because the collective contract is governmentally imposed and because voluntary arbitration is a logical outgrowth of a continuing contractual relationship, unless there are available and feasible alternatives, the imposition of the collective contract has as a long term effect the development of labor arbitration to solve disputes otherwise unprovided for.

Courts and the Churches in Missouri: A Survey of Missouri Law on Intra-Church Disputes with Reference to the Political Theory of the Pluralists

Joseph O. Losos