Tyrell Williams Memorial Lecture

Law Schools and Human Relations

Erwin N. Griswold
If we agree that law schools exert considerable influence on the thinking of future leaders, we are under considerable obligation to evaluate present day legal education to see if law schools are adequately preparing their students for intelligent, responsible leadership. For that reason it has seemed to me appropriate to attempt to gather together here a number of somewhat loosely connected thoughts about current legal education.

Common Carriers and Picket Lines

Harold I. Elbert and Gregory M. Rebman

Living Constitutions

Gray L. Dorsey
A French poet once ranked the arts according to the intractability of the media, rating sculpture highest. By this standard, constitution-making is the highest of all arts because its medium, more stubborn than marble, is what William Faulkner has called the “simple, incorrigible, intractable, invincible human heart.” Simple enough to write a constitution. But what makes it live? This problem, of what it is that quickens a social blueprint into…

Liability for Malicious Institution of a Civil Suit