Blessings of Liberty

Earl Warren
This is the text of an address delivered Feb. 19, 1955, by the Chief Justice of the United States as the keynote speaker at the opening assembly of Washington University’s Second Century Convocation.

The Law of Employee Benefit Plans

David Ziskind
What are commonly called “fringe benefits” in union agreements are formed out of threads taken from many parts of the fabric of law: a large skein of contract law; binding threads from the law of trusts, agency and taxation; and many colorful strands from a host of labor law statutes. The legal principles are for the most part not unique or novel. Rather, the accumulation of new economic and social…

Preparation for Trial

Milton D. Green
It is often said that trials are won in the office and not in the courtroom. We are told that a case well prepared is half-won. These, and similar statements, are truisms, but because of their vague generality they do not help us much in going about the actual business of preparation. In order to be really helpful, any discussion of preparation for trial must get down to practical, specific…

Is an Automobile Owner Who Leaves His Keys in the Ignition Liable for a Thief’s Negligent Driving?