Law and the Universities

Paul A. Freund
My theme is not the contribution that general education can make to law. My theme is the less familiar one, the contribution that law can make to general education. Instead of concentrating on the content of pre-legal studies for lawyers, I suggest that some thought be given to the legal content of nonlegal studies. The universities are experimenting successfully with courses on science for the citizen, aimed at an appreciation…

Municipal Home Rule in Missouri

Henry J. Schmandt
The chief goals of home rule have therefore been: (1) to prevent or minimize. legislative interference in matters that are primarily of local concern; (2) to permit the local communities to adopt the type and form of government they desire; (3) to provide the cities. with sufficient powers to meet the increasing needs for local services without the necessity of repeatedly seeking new authority from the legislature as they are…

Contractual Liability of Physicians and Surgeons

Arnold J. Miller
In this Article a clear-cut dichotomy is maintained between the liability of the phyisician or surgeon for breach of express contract, on the one hand, and malpractice, on the other hand. It is recognized that some persons use malpractice in a generic sense to connote any action against a physician or surgeon regardless of its nature or form. With them one cannot quarrel for theirs is simply a choice of…
Case Comment

Constitutional Law—Equal Protection of the Laws—Damages for Breach of Racial Restrictive Covenant