State Taxation of Interstate Commerce: An Appraisal and Suggested Approach

Paul J. Hartman

Regulation of the Movement of Workers: Freedom of Passage Within the United States

Ivan C. Rutledge
While it may be generally observed that within the jurisdiction of the United States there are few direct legal barriers to movement from one place to another, nevertheless it is actually a matter of speculation to a large degree what are the constitutional bases for protection and enforcement of this freedom. So far as research for this study discloses, the freedom to migrate for employment is not separately protected but…

An Examination of the Negotiability Concept of the Uniform Commercial Code

John M. Feeney Jr. and Herbert L. Sherman Jr.
The aim of this undertaking is to examine the impact, if any, that the new Uniform Commercial Code may have on our concept of negotiability as it has evolved to the present time. Analysis will be confined to this one broad topic, but our considerations are not limited to one section of the Code. Although analytical thought about the negotiability concept has been applied to its many segments, which we…

Proposed Federal Immunity Legislation

George A. Jensen