Written Interrogatories to Parties Under the Missouri Code

Earl T. Crawford

Corporate Accounting and the Law

Edward M. Bullard
The corporate abuses and financial excesses of the 1920’s showed the need for stricter statutory and accounting control over numerous corporate practices. Since 1930 the legislatures of practically all of the states have either adopted entirely new corporation acts or have substantially amended the existing acts. Unfortunately there is much less uniformity among these new laws than might have been hoped for, either as to the abuses dealt with or…

Is Notice of Copyright Necessary in Works Published Abroad?—A Query and a Quandary

Arthur S. Katz
Every field of law has its “twilight zones,” those areas where ambiguous statutes, contradictory decisions and dearth of authority make for uncertainty and confusion. American copyright law is singularly possessed of many such “twilight zones.” The writer has undertaken this article in the hope that his comments may illuminate (and perhaps, eliminate) the shaded area concerning the eligibility for copyright protection of works initially published abroad without notice of copyright.
Case Comment

Agency—Fraud—No Liability of Principal in Deceit for Innocent Misrepresentations of Agent