The Effect of Violation of the Rule Against Perpetuities in Missouri

Harry W. Kroeger
It will suffice to observe at this point that there is a wide disposition among lawyers to conclude that in Missoui a limitation void for remoteness contaminates and renders void the entire property disposition of which the void limitation is part. That view is shared by that eminent authority on Missouri real property law, Mr. McCune Gill. It has undoubted pragmatic force because it is the governing principle for title…

Satisfying Missouri’s Perpetuity Rules

Merle E. Brake
Satisfying the so-called perpetuity rules enjoys the undeserved reputation of being one of the most troublesome problems encountered in designing transfers of property. Although the learning about such rules may seem intricate and confusing, this is due, not to any complexities inherent in the rules themselves, but rather to the construction problems so often associated with the application of such rules, and to the confusion necessarily incident to the explorations…

Civilian Counsel in General Court-Martial Cases Under the Uniform Code of Military Justice

Kenneth J. Hodson and John S. Sellingsloh
This article is written with the view of acquainting civilian lawyers with some of the procedural aspects of the trial and appellate review of general court-martial cases under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, as implemented by the Manual for Courts-Martial, United States, 1951. Although every person in the armed forces is entitled to be represented without cost before a general court-martial and during subsequent appellate proceedings by a legally…

The Juridical Implications of the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company Case

Brendan F. Brown
The Anglo-Iranian oil dispute affords an illustration of the profound influence of legal philosophy upon enactment and judicial decision, despite the appearance of sole reliance upon positive law. It demonstrates how able jurists may appraise and utilize such law differently, depending upon their unexpressed and often subconscious convictions as to the nature of law, the extent of civil authority and the purpose of society, both national and international. The legal…