The Second Mile for Legal Aid Clinics

John S. Bradway
The current Survey of the Legal Profession has produced many interesting and valuable reports. One of these, prepared by Professor Quintin Johnstone, deals with “Law School Legal Aid Clinics.” The report makes clear that the legal aid clinic movement, which is designed to meet one of the major criticisms directed against modern legal education, is rapidly approaching maturity. It is not the purpose of the present article to supply a…

Causal Relations and the Felony-Murder Rule

Charles Liebert Crum

The Colonial Airlines Case: Treaties and Executive Agreements Relating to Aviation

Wenceslas J. Wagner
The answer to the question whether the arrangement with Canada was validly entered into by an executive agreement might be based upon either (1) considerations involved in the international relations of the United States generally, or (2) the practice in the field of aviation. The present Article deals only with the second aspect of the problem, the first aspect requiring treatment in a separate work.

The Doctrine of Public Calling

William H. McBratney