The Story of the American Law Institute

Herbert F. Goodrich

The Impact of Pressure Groups on the Legislative Process

Daniel J. Dykstra
While our society has always witnessed and even encouraged demands from its economic components, it is submitted that those who now seek to assert their influence are impelled by a sense of urgency, in truth a desperateness which at times borders on hysteria, not present in previous conflicts. Those who engineer the battles for privileges recognize that a revolutionary change in government’s relation to the social economic structure has occurred…

Nuremberg and Group Prosecution

Richard Arens
The trial of the Nazi war criminals at Nuremberg for crimes against peace, war crimes and crimes against humanity involved not only the indictment of individual defendants but also the indictment of the major Nazi organizations. An aspect almost completely ignored in the welter of allegations concerning the ex post facto basis of the Nuremberg prosecutions is that concerning the infliction of collective or group sanctions through adjudication of group…

The Power of Municipal Corporations to Protect Public Health and Safety

Chester James Antieau
Municipal regulation of streets and sidewalks is regularly authorized under state law. It must, however, survive in its particular manifestations and applications state constitutional provisions, as well as the United States Constitution, particularly the latter’s due process, equal protection, and commerce clauses. There is the possibility, too, that state statutes may confer upon state commissions exclusive or paramount authority over certain particulars. So, too, states may withdraw these powers from…