Goethe As Lawyer and Statesman

Arthur Lenhoff

The Problem of “Mental Harm” in the Genocide Convention

Stephen Gorove
One of the most significant issues that has been raised by prominent American legal authorities in connection with the Genocide Convention centers around the concept of “mental harm.” What is meant by “mental harm” in the convention? Can “mental anguish,” “humiliation,” “mental distress,” discrimination of any kind be considered to constitute “mental harm”? Can the concept of “mental harm” be understood to mean the “disintegration of the mind” or is…

The Ideal Legal Order for an Occupied Nation: Polish Commentary on Mitchell Franklin

John J. Czyzak
During his service in the Armed Forces of the United States, Professor Mitchell Franklin wrote his now famous essay dealing with the subject of the legal system of Occupied Germany. The work appears to have received the attention of the bar of Poland, and was paraphrased in an issue of a Polish legal periodical devoted entirely to the problem of re-establishing the rule of law in Germany. Because of the…

Personal Responsibility of Members of Municipal Legislative Bodies

Alvin E. Evans